Child’s Wish

Child’s Wish

The song “Child’s Wish” is inspired by a young girl, and her family’s visit to Nashville. The thought of coming here was of their youngest, whom I will call Rachel. Rachel was about 10 years old, and her wish was to go to the Grand Ole Opry.

While speaking to both her and her family, she had no cares in the world. Nothing could, nor would take away the smile she had on her face. She was so excited to be in Nashville! Her wish was coming true! I found out moments later from her mother that Rachel was here with Make a Wish.

The non-profit organization who grants the wishes of terminally ill children. I knew this would be a wish neither Rachel nor her family would ever forget. For Rachel, and for those like her, who are on our minds and in our hearts, I dedicate this song to them. May their wishes and all our wishes come true.

Give Thanks

Give Thanks

My song “Give Thanks” came about around 6 years ago while taking care of a family as a bellman. This was a family of three; mother, father, and their young son Evan.

After meeting the family in the lobby and exchanging names, we then started toward their room. I had a friendly conversation with the parents as I did with Evan. He was at least 3 and well mannered. Once we got to their room and answered their questions, I wished them a pleasant stay.

A couple days later, I checked them out of their room. As I arrived, Evan wanted to help load my luggage cart. He was very ambitious, despite some bags being bigger than he was! But that didn’t stop him in the least!

Once the cart was loaded, we made our way to the lobby. The family talked about their stay and the wonderful time they had. As we arrived at the drive and continued talking, Evan climbed up into his car seat and asked the following;

“Mr. Cory… Will you help buckle me up?” “Sure,” I said, “Mr. Cory will help buckle you up.” After I got him buckled up, he then said, “Thank you Mr. Cory!” “You’re welcome.” “Goodbye Mr. Cory!” “Goodbye,” I answered. “You come back and see us okay?” “Okay!” he replied.

We can learn a lot from kids. Especially at this age. For me, it was a reminder of having more childlike innocence in my life. Having persistence, frankness, and the desire to dream describes what childlike innocence means to me. What does it mean for you?

Whether innocence like this comes from our family, friends, or faith, I believe it’s essential for one’s success. Kind of like the roots of a tree. Roots that not only nourish a tree, but help keep it in place, to grow and to be strong. For this family, and for this song, I “Give Thanks.”

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