Little Dance

Little Dance

My song Little Dance is a simple song with a simple theme. The theme; enjoy life. No matter what happens, just hang in there and finish the dance. In 2010, I did just that! My friends and I were learning to line dance at the world famous Wild Horse Saloon, in downtown Nashville. The dance floor is 2800 sq ft. Largest in the state of TN. After our instructor went through the steps, we then put it to music.

So we lined up, and away we went. No big deal. First sequence went fine. Music was loud and everyone was having fun! I looked around me to be sure I was getting my steps right. Then we turned left and started all over again. So far, so good. After the second sequence, that one went better.

Then it hit me! I would be in the front in two more turns. OH NO!! Thankfully, I got the steps down by the time I was in the front! It was a good thing I paid close attention during those last two turns. Talk about pressure! Overall, it was a blast!

One thing I’ve always been amazed by is seeing how little kids seem to have no fear. And yes, there are exceptions. But whether they’re dancing, playing a musical instrument, or giving a brief speech, they don’t think twice about what they’re doing. They have the confidence to get in there and have fun! They just do it!

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