Are you one that likes to reminisce? To think back about how life was way back when? Or, do you look ahead, and not even care about what happened 10, 20, or even 30 years ago?

Whether it be walking the busy streets here in Nashville, or walking the quiet ones back home in NY, I like to reminisce. Puts me in a better frame of mind. Allows me to relax, and to search from within.

When I go back home every year, one street that brings back a lot of memories for me would be Prospect Street. This would be the street my elementary school is on. The street where I first took piano lessons at age 9. And this would be the street my priest lived on. Come to think about it, I “learned” a lot from this street growing up!

A few years back, the old grade school, built back in 1885, burnt to the ground because of arson. The newer structure remains, but it destroyed the older part. It was a sad, sad day for many of us.

When I see pictures of the school dating back to when I was there, it brings back great memories for me. I had a lot of fun growing up during that time. Aside from the days gone by, I also reminisce about where I am today and where I am going tomorrow.

Thinking of not only the places that have got me to where I am in life, but also the people. And I could bet we all have people like that in our lives we can give thanks for. So my song “Reminiscing” is a song to reflect. To think back. To not only think about our yesterday’s, but to think about our tomorrows.

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