Growing up as a kid, and maybe you, too, had the dream of being able to fly. To be free. To get away to whatever place you wanted to go.

Sometimes that’s what I need to do. And perhaps you too. To get away. Not run away, but to find a place to relax and recharge.

Although, it’s not always a physical place, but one I imagine. For me, I’ve loved the mountains. Also love fall. When I see the Smokey Mountains here in TN, they remind me of the Adirondacks back home. The colors of the leaves are incredible; red’s, oranges, and yellows.

As for a physical place, I enjoy walking and the outdoors. Love walking around dusk during the warmer months. I love sunsets and a full moon with a nice gentle breeze. A great way to end a day.

How about you? Where do you go? Again, to get to that place for me, when I can’t be there in person, I dream it. I “Fly Away.”

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