New Day

New Day

Each new day is a brand new day. And with each new day that it presents itself, I believe it allows us the opportunity to look deep within ourselves and to ask ourselves the following:

What am I hoping to accomplish today? What are my goals and dreams? What do I need to do today to help me move closer to those goals and dreams?

If there’s one key factor I believe that helps to set the day in motion towards our goals and dreams, it’s attitude. Whether it’s a cloudy day, sunny day, rainy day, or -20 below zero outside, our attitude affects us from the moment we crawl out of bed in the morning till the time our head hits the pillow at night.

I remember listening to motivational speaker Jim Rohn talking about how so many people in life are trying to get through the day instead of getting from the day. If you stop and let that sink in, you realize how powerful of a statement that really is. I know myself I can do a better job learning from the day. And l believe I have gotten better over time, but know there is a lot more room for improvement!

So, as you listen to my song, New Day, take a moment to reflect on your life. Reflect on your attitude. Are you where you want to be? Have you accomplished all that you’ve wanted to accomplish? In the end, just remember that no matter what were wanting to accomplish, or what were wanting to be, that we can all do it one day at a time.

Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue

Over the years, one of my favorite past times for reflection and inspiration has become going for walks. I love to take the time to get away and de-stress. It’s great for both the heart and soul.

About 4 years ago, I spent one afternoon here in Nashville on our Greenway at Percy Priest. I remember the day being gray with no blue skies anywhere. Regardless, though, a beautiful day for a walk. I go 6 miles and averaging about 20 minutes a mile. Not a really fast walk. But for me, it’s a time to get out, relax, and to enjoy the finer things in life.

Anyway, when I had gotten back to my place, I sat down and hit record on my keyboard. Then this song came from out of nowhere. It came out of the blue. The walk was to be just that; another walk. No intention of writing a song. Usually when I want to, I can’t.

What’s amazing is that 95% of the song came out at once. Only a couple minor mistakes! After I stopped recording, it stunned me! The style differed from anything else I’ve composed before. So much different that for a while I couldn’t decide whether to use this song for my album.

Even-though I wrestled with this for months, it not only made it on the album, but eventually became the title track! From the way this song originated, to my guest interaction on my “About” page, it all seemed to fit. I hope you’ll enjoy it!



Are you one that likes to reminisce? To think back about how life was way back when? Or, do you look ahead, and not even care about what happened 10, 20, or even 30 years ago?

Whether it be walking the busy streets here in Nashville, or walking the quiet ones back home in NY, I like to reminisce. Puts me in a better frame of mind. Allows me to relax, and to search from within.

When I go back home every year, one street that brings back a lot of memories for me would be Prospect Street. This would be the street my elementary school is on. The street where I first took piano lessons at age 9. And this would be the street my priest lived on. Come to think about it, I “learned” a lot from this street growing up!

A few years back, the old grade school, built back in 1885, burnt to the ground because of arson. The newer structure remains, but it destroyed the older part. It was a sad, sad day for many of us.

When I see pictures of the school dating back to when I was there, it brings back great memories for me. I had a lot of fun growing up during that time. Aside from the days gone by, I also reminisce about where I am today and where I am going tomorrow.

Thinking of not only the places that have got me to where I am in life, but also the people. And I could bet we all have people like that in our lives we can give thanks for. So my song “Reminiscing” is a song to reflect. To think back. To not only think about our yesterday’s, but to think about our tomorrows.

Child’s Wish

Child’s Wish

The song “Child’s Wish” is inspired by a young girl, and her family’s visit to Nashville. The thought of coming here was of their youngest, whom I will call Rachel. Rachel was about 10 years old, and her wish was to go to the Grand Ole Opry.

While speaking to both her and her family, she had no cares in the world. Nothing could, nor would take away the smile she had on her face. She was so excited to be in Nashville! Her wish was coming true! I found out moments later from her mother that Rachel was here with Make a Wish.

The non-profit organization who grants the wishes of terminally ill children. I knew this would be a wish neither Rachel nor her family would ever forget. For Rachel, and for those like her, who are on our minds and in our hearts, I dedicate this song to them. May their wishes and all our wishes come true.

Fly Away

Fly Away

Growing up as a kid, and maybe you, too, had the dream of being able to fly. To be free. To get away to whatever place you wanted to go.

Sometimes that’s what I need to do. And perhaps you too. To get away. Not run away, but to find a place to relax and recharge.

Although, it’s not always a physical place, but one I imagine. For me, I’ve loved the mountains. Also love fall. When I see the Smokey Mountains here in TN, they remind me of the Adirondacks back home. The colors of the leaves are incredible; red’s, oranges, and yellows.

As for a physical place, I enjoy walking and the outdoors. Love walking around dusk during the warmer months. I love sunsets and a full moon with a nice gentle breeze. A great way to end a day.

How about you? Where do you go? Again, to get to that place for me, when I can’t be there in person, I dream it. I “Fly Away.”

Little Dance

Little Dance

My song Little Dance is a simple song with a simple theme. The theme; enjoy life. No matter what happens, just hang in there and finish the dance. In 2010, I did just that! My friends and I were learning to line dance at the world famous Wild Horse Saloon, in downtown Nashville. The dance floor is 2800 sq ft. Largest in the state of TN. After our instructor went through the steps, we then put it to music.

So we lined up, and away we went. No big deal. First sequence went fine. Music was loud and everyone was having fun! I looked around me to be sure I was getting my steps right. Then we turned left and started all over again. So far, so good. After the second sequence, that one went better.

Then it hit me! I would be in the front in two more turns. OH NO!! Thankfully, I got the steps down by the time I was in the front! It was a good thing I paid close attention during those last two turns. Talk about pressure! Overall, it was a blast!

One thing I’ve always been amazed by is seeing how little kids seem to have no fear. And yes, there are exceptions. But whether they’re dancing, playing a musical instrument, or giving a brief speech, they don’t think twice about what they’re doing. They have the confidence to get in there and have fun! They just do it!

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